Sunday, 2 January 2011

Happy New Year!

Hello All!
I hope you all had a fab New Year, Welcome to 2011! 

We had a fairly quiet night, a bit of a Pyjama Party at my sisters as none of us could be bothered to get dressed up, and we just about made it to Midnight before heading home and were asleep by 20 past!  Rock on!
We have all been struck down with terrible flu this Christmas - including poor Miss H!  We have had a fraught few days with her temperature spiking and various phone calls to the Doctors - always happens when they are closed!!  But I think we are all slowly on the mend now!
I am finally catching up with my JYC - I am still a bit behind but I am at a crop tomorrow morning so hopefully I will get organised, and there may even be some hope that I will finish the project on time(ish!)
I promise not to post toooo many pages at once...

Day 9  (my page number has been misplaced, but I'm sure it will turn up soon!)
My Traditions page is finally finished now that I have the pictures for it..

 Day 11
Christmas Trees everywhere...

Day 12
What Christmas used to be like when I was a young child - chaos, but fun!!

Day 13
Christmas Music - definitely a good topic for me!!!

That's it for now - I'll be back with more soon!

Night all
C x

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  1. Great pages, I had fun today and love the fact we are going to keep doing it! :)