Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Almost that time again....

Yup, that's right - my second post of the year! Remember me?!

My last post was also on this topic, when I finally finished my 2011 Journal!  It is very nearly December again, and in scrapping terms that can only mean one thing for me - time for Journal your Christmas - a wonderful class from Shimelle that encourages us to take back our Christmas by taking a little bit of time each day to consider what makes this time of year special. 

I am hoping to be a bit more on top of posting my progress as I go this year, but am not making any commitments other than that I will keep a journal and hopefully do pages as and when I can which I hope to share here!

Want to see my ready-made excuse...?

Not exactly scrapbooking/papercraft but look what I made this year, when I was quiet on the blog front...
Meet my daughter Willow, born just under two weeks ago!

I am hoping that being on maternity leave will give me more time to keep up with making pages, but I have a feeling two little girls are going to be keeping me even more busy than a full-time job did! :)  I can't wait for Christmas 2012 and I hope that you will be here to share it with me!

x ~ C ~ x

Saturday, 24 March 2012

No, I'm not even joking... JYC Alert!

JYC 2011 that is...
I truly cannot leave a project unfinished, no matter how much my scrapping mojo has abandoned me!
So at last after a much needed break I am delighted to have finally finished my album!
I won't share all the pages and details... I'm not that cruel.. who wants to talk about Christmas with Spring finally on our doorsteps.. but I did want to blog my overwhelming sense of personal achievement and now that it is a weight from my shoulders, I'm hoping to spend our crop morning next week pushing on with Document 2012 and maybe even work on some old photos from my To Scrap box! Woohoo!

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