Monday, 31 January 2011

and it's finished!!!!!!!

Hi all,

Final installment of JYC 2010!  Finished, photographed and blogged and it is still January (well almost, it was when I started but got distracted by the TV!!)

Day 31 - New Years Eve - a quiet night in at VJ's this year - very sad - I wasn't pregnant this year and *still* saw the New Year in with lemonade!

Day 32 - Resolutions!  I don't like making resolutions as I then feel terrible if I don't stick to one, so instead I made a page about my "aims" for the year instead

Day 33 - Cheeky baby!

Day 34 - Favourite memory of the season 

Day 35 - Notes for next year!

Day 36 - All Packed Away

Day 37 - The End

All Done!

I admit my blogging has been woefully inadequate on this project but I have a new project started which only requires monthly posts so I may actually be able to keep up with this one!

Night all!

C x

Sunday, 30 January 2011

Catching up on JYC...!

Hi All,

Apologies for the long delay - I decided I would get caught up on JYC the weekend before last at my sisters and unfortunately actually ended up further behind thanks to an, ahem, incident involving a cup of coffee, a kitten and the prep piles for several pages!!!  Luckily nothing was too badly damaged but I ended up needing to reprint several photos and then found that I had run out of ink!! Typical - couldn't have been worse on the timing!
So, having had ink delivered I have finally found time to get some more pages done!!  I have been working on the final few this weekend, so I might actually get this project finished and blogged before the end of January (well, maybe the 1st of Feb)!!
I have even managed to post a few of my pages onto Shimelle's forum!

Day 24 - all about my Christmas Eve

Day 25 - The day is finally here!

Day 26 - Our Boxing Day - always spent chilling out at Mum's - a very wordy page in the end!
 Day 27 - How our routines change over Christmas (or rather how they don't now we have Miss H!)

Day 28 - My festive indulgences - quite a list!

Day 29 - My 2011 desk calendar 

Day 30 - A Year In Review

I'll be back soon (I hope!) with a few more!  Off to a crop in the morning, as we are now going to be having one monthly (hopefully!) so fingers crossed I may actually be able to stick with the next project I have lined up and maybe achieve my 2011 aim of working through some of my To Scrap box!

C x

Sunday, 9 January 2011

Some more JYC!

It was all going so well... I managed to post three days running and then obviously got too confident! I also said that I will eventually get over to Shimelle's forum and share my pages there.. and still haven't! Oops!
So, the next few pages are here for you...but I have to admit that as I still haven't completed my Christmas Day page, it could well take until the end of January to post all of them (I have done some of the later ones but would like to keep posting in order!) so I hope you stick with me!!

Day 21
Right Now - what my house looked like when I read the prompt - which was messy again despite my good intentions!

Day 22
An update on the To Do list - which actually seems to be longer than the list I had originally on Day 7!

Day 23
All about the Christmas stockings!  Loved this prompt!

Hopefully I will get my project finished soon so that I can share the last few pages and then see about something to keep me frantically busy in 2011!! :)

Night all

C x

Tuesday, 4 January 2011

and a few more...!

Hi again!

A few more pages just to keep you all interested...

 Day 18
All about Christmas Dinners - I always have several Christmas meals out and just to make sure we had something to journal, on the 18th we had a pre-Christmas meal at VJ's with Rachel and of course, the various hubbies!  Us girlies sat together and chatted all things scrapbooking and the men tutted and rolled their eyes at us - lots of fun!
 Day 19
A letter to Santa about what I would like out of this Christmas - I actually quite enjoyed this prompt and cannot wait until Miss H is old enough to appreciate writing a letter to Santa!
 Day 20
This layout is all about something unexpected you received this Christmas and so I based mine around an unexpected gift from the lovely Rachel on our first JYC crop of a new Christmas themed set of embellishments! 
It turns out however that Unexpected is an unexpectedly long word and I had to trim a few letters just to get the title to fit on the page!!

That's all for now - I think perhaps I should slow it down a bit or I will have to actually make some pages in order to keep up the posting schedule!

C x

Monday, 3 January 2011

More Journal Your Christmas!

Hi All,

I had a brilliant time at my crop this morning, the babies were all really well behaved and played together so nicely that I managed to be very productive and am a lot more caught up than I thought I would be!

So, a few more pages to share with you all...

Day 14
A page on how gifts are given out in our family

Day 15
Visitors - this year we visited as we headed to my Mum's for the day 
Day 16
A layout on what I am thankful for this festive season.  The picture of this page is not the greatest, but I just could not get the light right when trying to take it!  I love the photo though as both Dean and Miss H are smiling as they cuddle together Christmas morning.

Day 17
Finding the perfect present - and the delight on their face when they receive it!

That's it for now, but I will be back soon with even more - I am determined to catch up with my posting of this journal!  I may even have to learn how to schedule a post in advance at this rate!

C x

Sunday, 2 January 2011

Happy New Year!

Hello All!
I hope you all had a fab New Year, Welcome to 2011! 

We had a fairly quiet night, a bit of a Pyjama Party at my sisters as none of us could be bothered to get dressed up, and we just about made it to Midnight before heading home and were asleep by 20 past!  Rock on!
We have all been struck down with terrible flu this Christmas - including poor Miss H!  We have had a fraught few days with her temperature spiking and various phone calls to the Doctors - always happens when they are closed!!  But I think we are all slowly on the mend now!
I am finally catching up with my JYC - I am still a bit behind but I am at a crop tomorrow morning so hopefully I will get organised, and there may even be some hope that I will finish the project on time(ish!)
I promise not to post toooo many pages at once...

Day 9  (my page number has been misplaced, but I'm sure it will turn up soon!)
My Traditions page is finally finished now that I have the pictures for it..

 Day 11
Christmas Trees everywhere...

Day 12
What Christmas used to be like when I was a young child - chaos, but fun!!

Day 13
Christmas Music - definitely a good topic for me!!!

That's it for now - I'll be back with more soon!

Night all
C x