Tuesday, 4 January 2011

and a few more...!

Hi again!

A few more pages just to keep you all interested...

 Day 18
All about Christmas Dinners - I always have several Christmas meals out and just to make sure we had something to journal, on the 18th we had a pre-Christmas meal at VJ's with Rachel and of course, the various hubbies!  Us girlies sat together and chatted all things scrapbooking and the men tutted and rolled their eyes at us - lots of fun!
 Day 19
A letter to Santa about what I would like out of this Christmas - I actually quite enjoyed this prompt and cannot wait until Miss H is old enough to appreciate writing a letter to Santa!
 Day 20
This layout is all about something unexpected you received this Christmas and so I based mine around an unexpected gift from the lovely Rachel on our first JYC crop of a new Christmas themed set of embellishments! 
It turns out however that Unexpected is an unexpectedly long word and I had to trim a few letters just to get the title to fit on the page!!

That's all for now - I think perhaps I should slow it down a bit or I will have to actually make some pages in order to keep up the posting schedule!

C x