Sunday, 9 January 2011

Some more JYC!

It was all going so well... I managed to post three days running and then obviously got too confident! I also said that I will eventually get over to Shimelle's forum and share my pages there.. and still haven't! Oops!
So, the next few pages are here for you...but I have to admit that as I still haven't completed my Christmas Day page, it could well take until the end of January to post all of them (I have done some of the later ones but would like to keep posting in order!) so I hope you stick with me!!

Day 21
Right Now - what my house looked like when I read the prompt - which was messy again despite my good intentions!

Day 22
An update on the To Do list - which actually seems to be longer than the list I had originally on Day 7!

Day 23
All about the Christmas stockings!  Loved this prompt!

Hopefully I will get my project finished soon so that I can share the last few pages and then see about something to keep me frantically busy in 2011!! :)

Night all

C x

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  1. Cute pages Hun, I like the stockings all lined up ready for Santa :)