Sunday, 30 January 2011

Catching up on JYC...!

Hi All,

Apologies for the long delay - I decided I would get caught up on JYC the weekend before last at my sisters and unfortunately actually ended up further behind thanks to an, ahem, incident involving a cup of coffee, a kitten and the prep piles for several pages!!!  Luckily nothing was too badly damaged but I ended up needing to reprint several photos and then found that I had run out of ink!! Typical - couldn't have been worse on the timing!
So, having had ink delivered I have finally found time to get some more pages done!!  I have been working on the final few this weekend, so I might actually get this project finished and blogged before the end of January (well, maybe the 1st of Feb)!!
I have even managed to post a few of my pages onto Shimelle's forum!

Day 24 - all about my Christmas Eve

Day 25 - The day is finally here!

Day 26 - Our Boxing Day - always spent chilling out at Mum's - a very wordy page in the end!
 Day 27 - How our routines change over Christmas (or rather how they don't now we have Miss H!)

Day 28 - My festive indulgences - quite a list!

Day 29 - My 2011 desk calendar 

Day 30 - A Year In Review

I'll be back soon (I hope!) with a few more!  Off to a crop in the morning, as we are now going to be having one monthly (hopefully!) so fingers crossed I may actually be able to stick with the next project I have lined up and maybe achieve my 2011 aim of working through some of my To Scrap box!

C x

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  1. Oh dear! Had a great time at the crop this morning, can't wait for the next one x