Monday, 28 February 2011

New Project Details

Ok, so it may not be quite the middle of the month but it is still (technically) February, so I'm not yet behind, although I am cheating as I am only telling you about my new project and not showing you it, due to a slight technical hitch (I have lost temporarily misplaced the charging cable for my camera!)

I admired a project of Rachel's throughout last year and vowed that I would join in this year... It was called Document 2010 and it looked like a lovely way to record all the little day-to-day events that happen each month, so off I went to research my new project only to find that there isn't actually a "Document 2011" project running this year.. but not to be put off I have found the Document 2010 prompts and decided I would follow the format this year!  I have completed January and was looking forward to sharing it wih you!

In the meantime...having actually started a project I have also found the time to create a page every month from my To Scrap box, and luckily I had already photographed this page (although not very well) earlier in the month, so this is February's page...

A collection of photos of Miss Hannah enjoying the autumn sunshine back in November.

I was very pleased to find the perfect embellishments for this page, as it has been floating round in the back of my mind for ages, waiting for something to come together.  The embellishments from this page (with the exception of the title) are from the Golden Leaves kit by Anna over at The Make and Create Shop.  I have just discovered Anna's shop and I am very impressed - lots of lovely handmade embellishments and super value at only £6 per kit!

So, hopefully I will find my cable soon (or borrow a camera, maybe) and share some pictures of my new project, especially as I have already begun preparing February's pages!

Night all,

C x

Monday, 7 February 2011

The one that almost got away!!!!

I was really pleased to find that I have received my first blog award a while ago and immediately set about writing this post all about it.  Then I wandered off to blog hop so that I could pass the award along, got distracted, and that was (almost) that!!  However, I have now remembered it and so...firstly huge Thank You to the lovely ladies who awarded it to me - Rachel and VJ.  Sorry for the delay ladies, but I have finally got around to posting about it!

Now for some blog rules:

1. Link back to the kind person who gave you the award - Done

2. Share 8 things - Done (see below)

3. Give the award to 8 bloggers  - Done (see below)

4. Contact those bloggers and tell them about their awards - just off to do this!

8 things about me

Some of this you may already know!

1. I absolutely adore the Christmas season and spend most of December going round with tinsel in my hair!
2. I started this blog to record my entries for Shimelle's Journal Your Christmas class and share my Christmas with everyone!
3.  I am a Chartered Accountant (no, really, I am!)
4. I started back to work on 13th December after Maternity Leave and was dreading it from about October!
5. I absolutely hate housework and it is a constant battle to work up the energy to keep my house tidy and safe for a very mobile 10 month old! (When I drafted this it said *8* Month old!)
6. I am delighted to have two close scrapbooking friends and we now have fairly regular crop mornings together (much to the bemusement of non-scrapping friends!)
7. I seem to be one of the very few people I know that is not madly happy that Take That are back together - I hang my head in shame that I was such a fan when I was younger!
8. I have been married for two and a half years now and have still not put my wedding photos in their proper album - how terrible is that?!

Eight lovely bloggers - I have only had my blog a little while so this was actually the perfect excuse to do a bit of blog-hopping - apologies if you have had the award before!

1. Rachel - Rachel_B's World - an obvious choice, but I really love your blog!
2. Another obvious choice - Vicki - On The Marsh With Marsh 
3. Maria - ScrapLoveCreate - Love your digi layouts
 4. Sian - From High In The Sky - Really enjoy your stories!
5. Jacky - scrappyjacky - also some wonderful stories - thank you for sharing!
6. Shimelle - for the lovely sketches and fun classes
7. Sarah's Cards - for all the lovely page ideas that tempt me to buy lots of different supplies!
8. SJ - SJ's Little Musings - for the ever so lovely digi stamps and the gorgeous layouts!

This was really hard as I have discovered loads of new blogs lately, thank you all for reading!

C x

Sunday, 6 February 2011

Project 365 - January

So I have actually committed to having two projects on the go at once, although they are linked - this is technically a digital project, although it is actually incorporated into my current paper project - which you will hopefully see sometime on or before the middle of the month!

I have been taking a picture every day to take part in Project 365 as it seemed a really good way to make sure I captured all the little things that happen on a daily basis that get forgotten over time, but in order to make the printing (& blogging!) manageable I have created two collages - one for the first half of the month and another for the latter part. 

I am using Picasa to create the collages so they are in a random order, but I hoping they will be big enough to show each picture without being too large a file!!

January 1st to 15th...

1st -                Two favourite activities combined -  an“Early Night” –  off to bed to do some scrapping!
2nd -              Windscreen replaced on my car finally (after having to reschedule due to snow!)
3rd -               Very productive crop morning, catching up on JYC – just a *little* behind!
4th -               Writing out Pampered Chef Party invites
5th -               Back on the WeightWatchers after Christmas break
6th -               New business cards at work – a small stack or two...
7th -               Sales shopping after receiving my payrise letter! J
8th -               Designing the new Jobsheets as work starts to come in for Dean
9th -               Finally found somewhere that sells cookie dough  *Happy Dance*!
10th -            Filed VJ’s tax return with her – I only gave her the accounts about 6 months ago after all!
11th -            Best of intentions undone by an unexpected delivery of a millionaires shortbread
12th -            I got roped into organising the lunch at work for Ian (our Partner)’s 50th Birthday
13th -            My first ever Brown Box delivery – a Sarah’s Cards order!
14th -            Finally finished the Thank You cards for Miss Hannah
15th -            Hannah trying chicken curry for the first time – Brave Uncle Geoff (she loved it!)

and 16th to 31st...

16th -            Finally starting the winnings from the Butchers – Roast lamb for dinner
17th -            Pampered Chef Party – a good laugh – so much so that Miss Hannah didn’t want to miss out
18th -            My back-up phone charger arrived – yay!!!!
19th -            Miss Hannah snoring away early – she fell asleep as soon as we got home from Auntie Vicki’s!
20th -            Sussex Stationers in administration L  but at least I got some cheap 12x12 papers
21st -             A scrummy S & J Melt at Friday Pub Club
22nd -           A very bemused Hannah looking at a box of VHS tapes on their way from the loft to the tip
23rd -            Going to look at (and put a deposit on) a new toy for Dean!
24th -            Miss Hannah happily self-feeding with a spoon – doing very well and not too messy in the end
25th -            My first full payslip after returning to work from Maternity Leave
26th -            Hot ‘bena and pills as I come home early from work ill L
27th -            Uncle Dean babysat as VJ and I headed off to Keep Fit – had his hands full with 3 girls and the cat!
28th -            Hannah relaxing to some tunes after learning how to unlock Daddy’s iPhone and open his music!
29th -            We visited Kelly (bump) and Daniel for a catch up for the first time since Christmas!
30th -            I downloaded Photoshop brushes as I am learning to use them (with a little help from a book!)
31st -             We had a naughty post-crop Subway – and Hannah stole the last chunk of Uncle Kelvin’s! J

Hopefully I will get the paper project off to a good start so I will be back fairly soon to share that!

Night all,

C x