Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Scrapbooking Layouts **at last**

Ok, so it may have taken just a *little* longer than planned - but I have finally found time (and a camera charger) and have taken pictures of the start of my "new" project.
A while ago I shared the first of my Project 365 by blogging the January collage and detail here and promised to come back when I had a camera so that I could show you how it would be incorporated into a paper project (here is the original post if you need a refresher!!).

Two months or so later, and I'm back!!  This is the start of my Document 2011 album!

January's feature page..
The envelope page..

and lots of little pics of the happenings in the month, which incorporates my 365...

I will be back soon with February, which I finally finished at our crop yesterday, and I have almost done March too!

I have also completed a few pages from my "To Scrap" box so I am feeling quite pleased with how these crops are working for me!  These layouts have been circling in my head since we went to a friend's wedding in June last year...
The wedding was our first full day out after we had little Miss - a few photos - the happy couple and our group of school friends all dressed up!
I love this picture - very cheesy but great all the same!  The gorgeous heart embellishments and ticket on this page are from the True Love kit from The Make and Create Shop - I was delighted when I saw them as they perfectly fit the page I had in my head! 
Anna's kits are always gorgeous and are very reasonably priced at £6 for a great selection of handmade embellishments and colour co-ordinated fabrics ribbons and buttons!

C x

Sunday, 24 April 2011

Photo of the Week!

We have had some truly glorious weather for the last few days and that has meant lots of pictures to choose from!  I thought I would choose one of the photos of setting up the paddling pool, but then I have just downloaded my camera from today and changed my mind again!

We all went round to Mum & Dad's neighbours for lunch today - bit of a catch up as we haven't had a proper get-together and chat since Christmas.  We all ate too much and had a Pimms or two and the girls made the most of the gorgeous gardens to explore and run around.  I just love this picture of them playing together - Miss Hannah has her cousins wrapped round her little finger! :-)  Definite signs that Summer is coming though, as VJ's girls are getting lovely tans already - I am very jealous!

Well I am off to bed now as have a crop on tomorrow and no doubt I will be up early with Miss!  I am really hoping to find some time in the next few days to pop on and share some of the scrapbooking layouts I have completed at the last few crops - you may note that some of them are a bit out of date but I keep hoping to catch up!

Night all,
C x

Sunday, 17 April 2011

Busy Busy, but still time for a Pic of the Week!

Well it seems these weekly posts are coming round faster and faster... from a quick read around Blogworld I don't think I'm alone when I say that April is just far too busy!! 

We've had several family events so far this month with three birthdays and today we travelled to the Christening of two special bubbas.  It has been lovely, but I find I'm looking forward to the long Easter break (although I don't want to wish another week away!) as I am hoping to find time to catch up on some blogging (perhaps even post some of those Blogging for Scrapbookers prompts that seem to have been forgotten in these busy weeks!).  I may even manage to post up some of the pages I finished at the last two crops, before our next one at the end of the month!

So, a Photo of the Week for you, from Saturday's family day out.  We went off to a local woodland for a lovely walk to see the bluebells and other spring flowers coming out and then enjoyed a cream tea afterwards.  It was a wonderful afternoon with some gorgeous sunshine and we couldn't resist parking Miss H in a patch of bluebells for a Photo-op!  Just need to photoshop in some wings onto my beautiful woodland nymph!

Now I'm going to make a cuppa, grab some biscuits and then I'm off to catch up with Mel's Alphanumeric Blog-Hop - don't want to miss out on all the fun!

Hope you all have a lovely week
C x

Sunday, 10 April 2011

Party Day and Picture of the Week

We had Miss H's Birthday Tea today - 15 friends all under 3 round to Nannie's house.  We were lucky to have glorious weather and all the little ones played out in the garden under a gazebo - it was great fun but I'm exhausted!

We have had three close family birthdays this week and I think everyone is finally all caked out, but for an appropriate Picture of the Week - a sea of cupcakes!
80 cupcakes all decorated ready for the party (no, I didn't make them - I had them made for us to save me some time for party prep!) - I did however make three birthday cakes this week, so I think I earnt my little cheat for party day!

It has been so busy here that I haven't even touched my scrapping supplies - but I do have lots of pictures to add to my To Scrap box!  
I have a (rescheduled) crop tomorrow morning, so I will hopefully get something finished that I can share with you all later in the week!

C x

Sunday, 3 April 2011

A Weekly Feature (hopefully)!

Happy Mother's Day to all the Mummies out there!
It's my first one - I've had a great day and hope you have too!

I'm hoping to start a regular weekly feature of a quick Sunday post of a...
Photo of the Week!

This weekend has been lovely - the weather has been kind, with gorgeous spring mornings, although it has greyed over in the afternoons.  We have mostly spent the days visiting. 
Saturday morning Hubby was out so we went to my Mum's house and Miss Hannah had a great time playing in the garden.  We started out laying a sheet down for her, but after a bit of complaining about the damp grass, she soon set about exploring.  She loves the swing seat and trying to pick Nannie's flowers - but is still not too impressed with the tortoises...  she likes to pat the "rocks", until they move!
Then today we had a lay-in until 7.30am as she slept late (bliss!) and then played in her cot happily for ages. We went out for a (cheating) breakfast at McD's then collected my Mum-in-law and headed over to visit Miss Hannah's Great-Nan and Great-Grandad (Hubby has lots of generations compared to my family - I do wonder if Hannah is going to think every family member is either a "Nan-nan" or a "Grrrdad") 
Their garden is an even bigger adventure than Nannie's - they also have lots of grass, and a swing seat too, but they have a pond full of fish... and they have chickens...! So for my first Picture of the Week - a shot of Miss Hannah dragging her Daddy up and down the garden chasing after the chickens!

I will be trying to choose my favourite photo taken every week - I think this may be quite difficult some weeks, as I have been known to take a *lot* of pictures - especially of Miss H.  I will however be trying to mix it up a bit and select photos of any key events of the week, or any photos that I hope to scrap when I have the time and hopefully these posts and any accompanying notes will serve as reminders when I do get the time.
I am still reading and making notes for Shimelle's Blogging for Scrapbookers course, and intend to cover them all in time (probably by the end of BFS part two knowing me!!) but reading her suggestion about a regular feature made me think of this as it has been going round in my mind for a while in my "wouldn't it be nice to have/do/try" after seeing it appear on Rachel's blog (and I'm delighted to see it has re-appeared there this week too!)

Night all, thanks for stopping by!

C x