Monday, 3 January 2011

More Journal Your Christmas!

Hi All,

I had a brilliant time at my crop this morning, the babies were all really well behaved and played together so nicely that I managed to be very productive and am a lot more caught up than I thought I would be!

So, a few more pages to share with you all...

Day 14
A page on how gifts are given out in our family

Day 15
Visitors - this year we visited as we headed to my Mum's for the day 
Day 16
A layout on what I am thankful for this festive season.  The picture of this page is not the greatest, but I just could not get the light right when trying to take it!  I love the photo though as both Dean and Miss H are smiling as they cuddle together Christmas morning.

Day 17
Finding the perfect present - and the delight on their face when they receive it!

That's it for now, but I will be back soon with even more - I am determined to catch up with my posting of this journal!  I may even have to learn how to schedule a post in advance at this rate!

C x

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  1. I like your new background. Adam loved playing with hannah at the crop and every toy was 'Hannah's' for the rest of the day! :)