Sunday, 19 December 2010

I'm Back...!

Hi all,
So, I failed on one of my promises - which was to try and blog every other day - but I am back now and hopefully will try and stick to it for at least a little while!  I am more than a little behind on my JYC so I thought perhaps posting my progress would push me into trying to catch up a bit. 

I have been back to work this week and poor Miss H has been very unwell - to the point of being up for 3 or 4 hours each night - not the best timing - sooo tired in my first week.
So here they are so far...
Day 7
With an envelope to tuck away my present buying lists - just to make sure no-one thought they'd be getting a hint this way!

Day 8
A lovely chance to capture all those little signs that Christmas is coming!!

Day 10
Yes, I know, Day 9 isn't here yet as I want to get a nice picture of our newest tradition but it hasn't happened yet so I can't finish the age (and it's even a double spread!)
Anyway - Day 10 was a quick and easy cheat - Wrapping the page for a layout on wrapping presents!

VIP - Very Important Promises!
I did stick to my most important promise though - not letting work get in the way of enjoying Miss H's first Christmas. So, last Friday we went to the Children's Centre for a Christmas craft morning and made cards (I glued, Miss H sprinkled/poured the glittery bits on!), bags of reindeer food to put out for Rudolph, Gift boxes and handprint stocking pictures - lots of fun...
Then on Tuesday I took the day off and we went to a Christmas party, where Miss H met Santa, and wasn't particularly impressed!
She loved opening her first Christmas present though, typically paying more attention to the wrapping paper than the present!

Catching Up!
I have a crop morning tomorrow with VJ and Rachel and I'm hoping to be a bit organised and get several pages finished! I have done the most important bit of prep though - made lots of lovely baked goodies for us all to eat!  That's all for now (if you're still with me?!) and hopefully I will catch up soon and be back on a normal posting schedule!

Christmas starts here....

Night all,
C x

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  1. Welcome back :) looking forward to tomorrow. The goodies look lovely x x