Saturday, 26 March 2011

Five Things I Want To Try...

So a bit behind on the prompts but this is was an idea I could really relate to today - making a list of five favourite things.  Rather than a list of my favourites, I have made my list of five things I have come across recently that I would like to see/do/try and my aim is to achieve all five during April as hubby and I both have some time off coming up...

1.  A recipe I want to try -  One Banana Cupcakes 
- this one caught my eye on Shimelle's blog and is perfect for me as, despite only working 4 days a week, I always buy 5 bananas for lunches and never manage to actually stop on my day off to eat a lunch, so a poor lonely banana can often be found lingering in my fruit bowl next to a new fresh bunch bought ready for next week.

2. A dress I need to try on - Dress 
- this is a bit of a cheat - it has already been ordered but I have yet to try it on and make sure the whole outfit works, ready for some upcoming 'do's (I have already trialled the matching shoes of course and declared that they can join the shoe family that hubby is convinced breeds in the cupboard!)

3. A film I want to see - I Am Number Four 
- not getting the best rating at the moment, but that usually makes me more determined to see it so that I can decide for myself!  As usual the show timings for any film I want to see have meant that we still haven't had a chance to catch it and now it's no longer in the cinema - oh well, I'm sure it will be out for rent soon and at least then we can watch it at a time to suit us - and with no need to arrange a babysitter.  I must try and catch something in the cinema soon though as we were given a voucher for Christmas and I love a guilt-free visit to the concessions to get popcorn AND icecream!

4. A book I neeeeed to read - Treachery In Death 
- this is the latest book in a series I am loving by J D Robb (a pen name for Nora Roberts).  It is a futuristic crime series so slightly different from my usual bookshelf of lightweight romances and heavy textbooks.  This is book 32 in the series and I'm still loving them!  I got a bit behind and so I am only just reading book 31 but I am already looking forward to this one...

5. A blog background to update - Backgrounds 
- I love these from 'the cutest blog on the block' - I am trying to update my background for various seasons and I am going to try a new Spring themed one (at least until I get bored with it!).  My newest aim is to explore buttons and headers and try and tie these in with a theme, but it is a bit beyond my limited skills at the moment (although sneaking a peek at Friday's prompt email I notice that the upcoming prompts might help here!)

Slowly catching up with the prompt emails - still need to find that 8th day of the week though so that I can actually do some scrapping...!

C x

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Blogging For Scrapbookers

So, I signed up to Shimelle's re-run of her Blogging for Scrapbookers class - and promptly forgot when it was supposed to start until logging into my email tonight and finding the first few prompts!

Hello to anyone that may be following from the forum - thanks for stopping by! 

I wanted to put a picture of my workspace to support this post however I am in the process of moving my scrapping space out of Miss H's nursery so most of my supplies are piled up on my desk in boxes, totes and folders and I am using the dining table/coffee table/laptop tray to scrap so it does not make a very inspiring picture!  Instead I have posted a series of pictures of the move, in the hope that it will get me motivated and by the end of this class I will be able to show off my newly organised space!
Ooh, what's going on in here...?
It's dangerous to let a non-scrapper help when it comes to moving scrap supplies!
Look at that excitement!

So, a very quick post tonight to get into a good habit ~ my reasons for taking part in this class and what I hope to achieve..

My main aim is to learn a bit more about the mechanics of a blog and maybe learn more about all the pretty themes, headers etc that I see on some peoples oh-so-lovely blogs!

With various upcoming family events there is no way I will be able to blog daily so I'm not going to set myself up for a fall!  I do hope that having an active class will mean that I take the time to put fingers to keyboard and record key events even if I don't get time to put pen (and photo and embellishments) to paper straight away!

I also intend to try and hop around various class mates blogs and try and expand how many I follow - see a bit more of Blogland!

Thanks for stopping by and hopefully I will have something intersting for you all over the next few weeks and beyond...

x~ Carrie ~x

Saturday, 19 March 2011

Spring has sprung!

What a gorgeous sunny day it is! I have washing drying on the line and its even been nice enough to take little miss to the the weekend...its great! Fingers crossed that the weather is just as good tomorrow as a friend is getting married. :)

Looks like spring is definitely on its way!

C x
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Monday, 14 March 2011

Experimenting With Phone Blogging!

Thought I'd have a go at blogging from my new phone!

Ok, so the missing camera cable is looking a bit more than misplaced!
So, still no pictures of January's project and my personal deadline for February is looming so I definitely need to get organised... I think a new cable (or possibly dig out an old camera and find some batteries) is in order :(

In the meantime, Februarys pages have been put to one side as I have been making invites and writing lists (I love a good list!) in preparation for Miss H's first birthday! It is coming round far too quickly for my liking!!

I am hoping to take part in a class Shimelle is re-running soon called Blogging for Scrapbookers to try and improve my blogging so watch this space for progress!

C x
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