Monday, 31 January 2011

and it's finished!!!!!!!

Hi all,

Final installment of JYC 2010!  Finished, photographed and blogged and it is still January (well almost, it was when I started but got distracted by the TV!!)

Day 31 - New Years Eve - a quiet night in at VJ's this year - very sad - I wasn't pregnant this year and *still* saw the New Year in with lemonade!

Day 32 - Resolutions!  I don't like making resolutions as I then feel terrible if I don't stick to one, so instead I made a page about my "aims" for the year instead

Day 33 - Cheeky baby!

Day 34 - Favourite memory of the season 

Day 35 - Notes for next year!

Day 36 - All Packed Away

Day 37 - The End

All Done!

I admit my blogging has been woefully inadequate on this project but I have a new project started which only requires monthly posts so I may actually be able to keep up with this one!

Night all!

C x

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