Sunday, 6 February 2011

Project 365 - January

So I have actually committed to having two projects on the go at once, although they are linked - this is technically a digital project, although it is actually incorporated into my current paper project - which you will hopefully see sometime on or before the middle of the month!

I have been taking a picture every day to take part in Project 365 as it seemed a really good way to make sure I captured all the little things that happen on a daily basis that get forgotten over time, but in order to make the printing (& blogging!) manageable I have created two collages - one for the first half of the month and another for the latter part. 

I am using Picasa to create the collages so they are in a random order, but I hoping they will be big enough to show each picture without being too large a file!!

January 1st to 15th...

1st -                Two favourite activities combined -  an“Early Night” –  off to bed to do some scrapping!
2nd -              Windscreen replaced on my car finally (after having to reschedule due to snow!)
3rd -               Very productive crop morning, catching up on JYC – just a *little* behind!
4th -               Writing out Pampered Chef Party invites
5th -               Back on the WeightWatchers after Christmas break
6th -               New business cards at work – a small stack or two...
7th -               Sales shopping after receiving my payrise letter! J
8th -               Designing the new Jobsheets as work starts to come in for Dean
9th -               Finally found somewhere that sells cookie dough  *Happy Dance*!
10th -            Filed VJ’s tax return with her – I only gave her the accounts about 6 months ago after all!
11th -            Best of intentions undone by an unexpected delivery of a millionaires shortbread
12th -            I got roped into organising the lunch at work for Ian (our Partner)’s 50th Birthday
13th -            My first ever Brown Box delivery – a Sarah’s Cards order!
14th -            Finally finished the Thank You cards for Miss Hannah
15th -            Hannah trying chicken curry for the first time – Brave Uncle Geoff (she loved it!)

and 16th to 31st...

16th -            Finally starting the winnings from the Butchers – Roast lamb for dinner
17th -            Pampered Chef Party – a good laugh – so much so that Miss Hannah didn’t want to miss out
18th -            My back-up phone charger arrived – yay!!!!
19th -            Miss Hannah snoring away early – she fell asleep as soon as we got home from Auntie Vicki’s!
20th -            Sussex Stationers in administration L  but at least I got some cheap 12x12 papers
21st -             A scrummy S & J Melt at Friday Pub Club
22nd -           A very bemused Hannah looking at a box of VHS tapes on their way from the loft to the tip
23rd -            Going to look at (and put a deposit on) a new toy for Dean!
24th -            Miss Hannah happily self-feeding with a spoon – doing very well and not too messy in the end
25th -            My first full payslip after returning to work from Maternity Leave
26th -            Hot ‘bena and pills as I come home early from work ill L
27th -            Uncle Dean babysat as VJ and I headed off to Keep Fit – had his hands full with 3 girls and the cat!
28th -            Hannah relaxing to some tunes after learning how to unlock Daddy’s iPhone and open his music!
29th -            We visited Kelly (bump) and Daniel for a catch up for the first time since Christmas!
30th -            I downloaded Photoshop brushes as I am learning to use them (with a little help from a book!)
31st -             We had a naughty post-crop Subway – and Hannah stole the last chunk of Uncle Kelvin’s! J

Hopefully I will get the paper project off to a good start so I will be back fairly soon to share that!

Night all,

C x

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  1. Well done for keeping up with your pic- a- day Hun :)