Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Happy 1st December

Hi All,

As it is now officially December I am allowed to get excited about Christmas at home and to kick it all off I have trimmed the tree and started putting out the decorations - I actually did the tree last night as I really wanted to see Miss H's face when she saw it all finished - and it was well worth it as she was very excited by the flashing lights. 

As you can see below, she's very into grabbing everything at the moment, so the family has bets on how long it will survive between little Miss and the kitten!

But here it is as it looked last night  ready for me to spend the next three weeks tweaking it - moving that bauble as there are too many white together, or this one as that section looks crowded etc..

My little tree in the dining room (my decorations will be limited in here as it is Kitten's domain at night!)

The advent calendar in its new home, next to the Specials tree - basically any decoration that I didn't want to put at risk if the main tree were to be pulled down (an abundance of Me To You blue nose bears and a few irreplaceable ones from Disney World etc)

As it is decorate day I didn't want my blog to feel left out so I have decorated here too - what do you think?

That's it for now - still lots of lights to be put up in windows and around furniture - but I really want to get back to finishing off my JYC page and get it posted up (start as I mean to go on!!!).

C x

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  1. The decs look lovely hunny and I like the christmassy blog too :)