Sunday, 5 December 2010

Day 3 JYC

Slowly catching up on the blogging!!

Day 3 is about Christmas cards.  My page includes one of the handful of cards I actually found time to make this year!  I have a funny feeling that rather more people than usual will be getting store-bought.  Oh well, it's the thought that counts.  You never know, I may find some spare time hidden under a rug somewhere...!

The journalling is typed into the Christmas card, and I have also included one of the inserts which will go out in the family cards, which has a picture of Miss H on the back.

My next post will jump straight to day 5 as, at the moment, there is no Day 4 - this prompt is about a perfect Christmas, and came on my least Christmassy-feeling day in weeks!  My boiler has decided to leak and has dripped water into the large bag of wrapped Christmas presents which were sat under it!!  I have gone from being super-organised to having to rewrap at least half a dozen presents and certainly replace one, maybe more!!! 

I hope to go back to this prompt and infill when I can sit down and be cheerful about it all again!  I have a JYC crop morning tomorrow so I am hoping this will put me back firmly in the festive spirit!

Off to prepare Day 5 now!

C x


  1. Oh Hun! That sucks! We will have to crank up the Christmas music tomorrow and get you back in the festive mood :)

  2. Oh no that is not good poor you, don't let it get you down though keep smiling x