Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Day 6 JYC

Just a quick post to share my Day 6 entry, as I seem to be still up thanks to a poorly teething baby!

Todays prompt actually asked for a comparison of two different Christmas tales - one good and one not-so-good.  I have moved away from that slightly as I am usually determined that anything "bad" about a Christmas is lost under lots of extra happy memories and I want this journal to be all about the good. I have chosen to cover my first Christmas with my now-husband.

I have taken a leaf out of Rachel's book and had a go at some hidden journalling on this page - I had great fun making the little pocket out of my photo!

The photo itself is the first one taken of us as a couple (and the only one taken of us that Christmas) and now seems to have been lost (2001 was still mainly pre-digital cameras for us!).  This one is a very draft photocopy of the original on plain paper, which I took away to Uni with me and has lived in my memories tin for nearly 9 years now!  It is very bedraggled and has unfortunately suffered a waterstain or two over the years.  Thanks to the magic of Photoshop however, I have managed to pull together a semi-passable picture!!

Off to (hopefully!) get a few hours sleep now!

C x

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  1. I love this page Hun, isn't Photoshop marvellous? The photo looks great.

    Hope you managed to get some sleep :)