Monday, 29 November 2010


So the day finally arrived - the Christmas craft top-up shop that I have been eagerly counting down to since we booked it in at our last crop morning!

Today VJ, Rachel and I headed out in a blizzard (well ok, maybe not a blizzard but it was snowing!) to go to Notcutts garden centre.  We were definitely feeling Christmassy by the time we arrived and spent quite a while wandering around the displays of decorations!  I bought Miss H a wooden advent calendar which hopefully I will remember to share later once it is out on display properly - now just need to come up with ideas of what to put in it. 

We also took a good few pictures of sights of the season (see we managed some JYC prep even when having a busy day out!)

We also managed a random visit to another garden centre with craft shop on the way home where we spent a great 15 minutes trying on silly headbands with antlers and elf hats on!  It was great fun and also a little bit silly, attracting some very strange looks - which really made it just that bit more fun!

We then decided on the way out that we should get a photo of the three of us together - 10 minutes of clambering in and out of the boot of the car later (the only available tripod!) with three different cameras on different timers and this is my version of the piccie...

Now, on to the new goodies - this is the result of my wonderful day - a nice addition to my Christmas goodies pile (well, box now!).  I really can't wait for the 1st so that I can start using all these wonderful pretties!!

That's it for now, promise!

See you soon,

C x


  1. Hi hun

    Love all your pictures, I had a great day yesterday and can't wait for our next crop!

    VJ x

  2. Hehe, the boot tripod picture came out really well! See you Monday x

  3. Such fun photos. I love the one of two of you trying to balance the camera's in the boot! :)