Sunday, 22 May 2011

Picture of the Week x 2

Ok,  turns out I never got round to actually posting last weeks picture! 
Mad weekend here - I was in the middle of writing my apologies Friday night for not posting last week's Picture when my little girl woke up, struggling to breathe and very upset.. long story short they loaded us up in an ambulance and sent us off to our local hospital, put her on a nebuliser (twice) and admitted her overnight.  By the time they moved us to the children's ward she had calmed down enough to be checked over.. turns out she is suffering from croup, which thankfully is responding very well to the steroids they gave her - but needless to say we were terrified and very stressed out!
Unfortunately having declared her fine to be discharged at 11am, we then had to wait round, stuck on a ward with a much better {and bored!} 1 year old, until gone 4pm for the paperwork, missing a friend's wedding in the process :-(  Although my lovely friend was very understanding and was texting me right up to an hour before she was due to walk up the aisle to check on Hannah - bless her! 
And another friend who, although not a scrapbooker, understands my hobby quite well, saved me all our placecards and some of the table decorations etc, so I can still create a page for my wedding album!  :-)  I am blessed to have some very lovely friends!

So, despite all that, I am determined to post on time for this here is this week's Picture(s) of the Week...
A Jaffa Cake inspired birthday cake!

I am quite proud of this one.. Hubby really doesn't like icing as he says it is too sweet (no such thing in my book) and so usually resists having a birthday cake but this year I insisted that he had to have *something* for his 30th and I cannot abide a bare sponge cake - they just look a bit boring, so we compromised and I put together this beauty - plain sponge, thick orange jelly and lovely dark chocolate.  I think it went down very well but I have been told by hubby that I need to make a few tweaks - which he will happily taste-test - apparently it will take several tries to make the orange more tangy and he accepts that the chocolate may also need altering (I used 85% so really dark which suits him but not necessaily anyone else!)
And... here is the original post for last week!
My picture this week is a bit late as I have been caught up in birthday celebrations - my own and hubby's too!  Hubby turned 30 this week although he is strongly denying it - mutterings of "I only just turned 21, I cannot possibly be 30 already"!  I had a lovely birthday, the morning spent having fun with the family, the afternoon at Miss Emily's first birthday party and then back round Mum's for dinner in the evening.  Then later in the week we went shopping at Hobbycraft and I have been thoroughly spoilt with lots of lovely new stash :)  Can't wait to play with it all!
The photo shows the start of one of my family's "mad moments"!  After opening all my birthday cards and working our way through monstrous sized slices of cake - VJ made me a birthday cake and she can't do anything "normal" sized - we wandered out to the garden.  Miss Hannah demanded we play ball and before we knew it we'd gone from throwing around a soft baby ball, to a full on game of football and then an impromptu 'volleyball' ending when Mum decided to drop the washing line down in the middle of the game!  Loads of fun!!

C x

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