Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Document 2011 - and my first ever Challenge!

First up, Shimelle's Challenges...
For National Scrapbooking Day, Shimelle posted a series of challenges and I decided to try some of them, unfortunately with being ill, I have only actually completed one so far, but I am holding out hope that I may manage a few more!

Challenge 1 was to use a full page of patterned paper
This challenge worked perfectly as I have had this paper for a while but couldn't bring myself to use it.  I always feel wasteful using patterned paper as a background as you hide most of it behind photos and journalling (or I make my pages to avoid covering it - see below!), but for this page I used the clipping from the local paper for the journalling so you can still see lots of the gorgeous paper!

I love this photo of Miss Hannah in the bluebell patch so have been looking forward to scrapping it!

and also, a catch up on blogging my current project... As promised, just a little while ago, I have finally got round to taking some pictures of my Document 2011 February pages!!
The envelope page..

The mini-picture pages, including Project 365

  and my feature page, which shows the moving of my craft area out of the nursery and into the corner of our bedroom, now that Miss Hannah is getting bigger and nosier!

Hopefully I will catch up with March and April's Document soon - I have run out of ink (again!) so I am thinking I may need to start ordering my prints online (I'm just so impatient, I hate waiting for pictures when I have pages in mind!)

C x

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  1. Fab layouts hun, it definitely works out cheaper ordering the pics :)