Saturday, 13 August 2011

Long time, no blog!

Hi all, remember me?
You do...I am impressed...I'm not sure I even remember how to use blogger it has been so long so please bear with me - I have already failed (twice!) to post this from my phone and have now snuck off to a quiet corner with a laptop to write this as I am determined to post it now!

Who knew that one extra day off in the week made such a difference!  I am now back at work full time (instead of 4 day weeks) and suddenly there just aren't enough hours in the day and weekends pass in the blink of an eye!  I have managed to keep up with reading blogs and following some tutorials but as I have been doing so from my phone it is fairly difficult (and massively time-consuming) to attempt to comment on anyone's posts so I am afraid I have let this lapse - sorry everyone - I am trying to keep up with you all though and I am hugely impressed with how regularly some of you post!

I was really excited to see that Shimelle has organised an online crop this weekend, Proud to be a Scrapbooker, and I have managed to squeeze some time into this weekend to retreat to my craft area and play along as a...

VJ, Rachel and I have continued to have our monthly crops (on a Sunday now that I work Mondays) so I am getting some pages done and am (mostly) keeping up with my Document 2011 but scrapping time between crops is basically non-existent right now! I am determined to have some "me" time in the next few evenings to join in the fun with this crop and I have already completed a page for one of the challenges so I will be back later tonight or tomorrow to post this up!!

C x
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  1. I must have missed that blinkie! So cute! I'm so very behind on my blog reading too, having a bit of a catch up week now! :)