Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Photo of the Week

A few days late thanks to poorly baby suffering a rotten cold, which she lovingly gave to me on Sunday, leaving me not up to doing much in the way of blogging or scrapping this weekend, but a Picture of (last) Week

When Carrie met Harry...

My best friend K {finally} had her baby on Thursday evening, a week after her due date.  A very quick labour (2hrs 15 start to finish!) and "little" Harry was born weighing a whopping 10lb 15oz!  Up early Friday morning to make a Congrats card, now that I knew "Sprout" was a boy ( I was betting on a girl so I guessed wrong this time!) and dropped card and present round to proud Papa and new Big Brother D after work Friday, then I patiently waited for K to come home and Saturday morning found me getting my first cuddles in :-) 
He's gorgeous, but definitely doesn't feel like the 5/6lb newborns I've held over the last couple of months (bit of a baby boom going on 'round here!)

Now I'm off to write the post I originally intended to put up today, before remembering that I hadn't finished this one...

C x

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  1. Aww, Harry is adorable! Still can't believe how big he was! :)