Monday, 2 May 2011

Picture of the Week *a day late*

Well, another very busy weekend here, complete with a Royal themed Street Party on Saturday.  The "Royal" street party was actually a cover story and the party was a surprise 70th birthday do for a close friend of our family but it was great fun with a Red White and Blue dress code which made for some interesting outfits!
We've also had a week of Easter egg hunts, a trip to the zoo and lots of outdoor time playing in the garden - I really don't want to go back to work tomorrow!

But, on to the Picture(s) of the Week... I hope you'll forgive the multiple photos, but they are a sequence :-)
On Easter Monday, Miss H learnt to push herself up to standing without holding on to anything! We have had the odd wobbly step for a couple of months now, and she is an expert at whizzing around from chair to sofa to table so we thought it wouldn't be long and then by Friday we had....
 and awaaayyyy...
No stopping her now! She's up and running!

I am hoping to upload some more scrapbooking pages today too.. probably should post February's Document pages as we are now in May! 

In the mean time.. A sneak peek at some of February by sharing my Project 365 entries...

1st -                On audit, counting shotguns – sometimes I love my job! :)
2nd -              Switched Miss Hannah to cow’s milk
3rd -               Stress-relief baking – chocolate fudge cake
4th -               Dean was delighted at the arrival of his new tyres
5th -               Miss H playing on our bed after her bath – blowing raspberries on Daddy!
6th -               Hannah (& I) got to see Dean’s new toy up and running
7th -               Very casually sneaking upstairs – no one will notice…
8th -               Dean made us enchiladas for tea – yummy!
9th -               First McD’s for Miss Hannah as I met VJ for lunch in town
10th -            Miss Hannah helped to unpack the shopping, all over the lounge floor!
11th -            Nice hot bubble bath to relax was followed by a surprise from Dean –a White Hot Chocolate waiting for me in bed!
12th -            Miss Hannah started having weetabix for breakfast this week
13th -            Poorly baby has the measles!
14th -            Valentines cupcakes
15th -            Dean spent his day off trying to find our bedroom after moving my craft stuff in!
16th -            Dean had to leave for work before 7 this morning, so Miss H and I headed to Nannie’s for breakfast at 7.30am!
17th -            A moonlit walk to Nannie’s this evening – a lovely night
18th -            Big hugs on a visit to D (& Auntie K of course!)
19th -            I met baby R for the first time – he’s sooo tiny!
20th -            Daffodils in bloom in my garden J I love spring flowers
21st -             Lattes at our crop at Rachel’s house
22nd -           Miss Hannah wore her new shoes for the first time!
23rd -            Ball-in-a-Box – Miss Hannah’s new favourite game!
24th -            Finally – coming home in daylight at last (just!)
25th -            Stealing Mummy’s crisps – straight from the pack
26th -            We took Kira shopping to Primark as she has out grown all her trousers again, and I bought one or two bits for Miss as well (of course!)
27th -            Waving Daddy off on a ride out
28th -            Copying the Music Lady from Baby Club – anything and everything is now a drum!

Back soon with some pages hopefully
C x

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  1. Well done Miss H! Great round up of February Hun, looking forward to the next crop :)