Monday, 28 February 2011

New Project Details

Ok, so it may not be quite the middle of the month but it is still (technically) February, so I'm not yet behind, although I am cheating as I am only telling you about my new project and not showing you it, due to a slight technical hitch (I have lost temporarily misplaced the charging cable for my camera!)

I admired a project of Rachel's throughout last year and vowed that I would join in this year... It was called Document 2010 and it looked like a lovely way to record all the little day-to-day events that happen each month, so off I went to research my new project only to find that there isn't actually a "Document 2011" project running this year.. but not to be put off I have found the Document 2010 prompts and decided I would follow the format this year!  I have completed January and was looking forward to sharing it wih you!

In the meantime...having actually started a project I have also found the time to create a page every month from my To Scrap box, and luckily I had already photographed this page (although not very well) earlier in the month, so this is February's page...

A collection of photos of Miss Hannah enjoying the autumn sunshine back in November.

I was very pleased to find the perfect embellishments for this page, as it has been floating round in the back of my mind for ages, waiting for something to come together.  The embellishments from this page (with the exception of the title) are from the Golden Leaves kit by Anna over at The Make and Create Shop.  I have just discovered Anna's shop and I am very impressed - lots of lovely handmade embellishments and super value at only £6 per kit!

So, hopefully I will find my cable soon (or borrow a camera, maybe) and share some pictures of my new project, especially as I have already begun preparing February's pages!

Night all,

C x