Tuesday, 16 November 2010

JYC Prep!

Evening All!

Apologies for the delay - I intended to return last night with an update on our crop morning but it just didn't seem to happen! I have had a manic day (had to go into work for a full day for the first time since I had Miss H!) and am off to bed soon as have another full on day tomorrow!  So much for Maternity leave - I have no idea how I will manage when I actually have to go back to work full time!

Anyway.. happier note! Our JYC prep crop morning was great - so much fun that we have arranged two more crops before Christmas - one in Christmas week itself so good excuse to do some baking as I'm sure no one will be thinking of diets that week (especially not me!).

I managed to get all my page numbers done and am really pleased with how they have turned out...

We also had a bit of a tutorial from the lovely Rachel on how to make our own envelopes and I was hoping to get a few done so that I could share them, but I have yet to actually finish one!! Hohum, at least I'll have something to share with you all soon, while I eagerly await the arrival of my JYC album, which is apparently winging it's way to me now!

Night everyone!

C x

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  1. The page numbers look fab Hun, can't wait for our day out shopping for more supplies, hope your day back at work wasn't too stressful x