Tuesday, 25 October 2011

LSNED ~ Weeks 2 & 3

It's finished!!!    Well, to be fair, it was finished a while ago but I have now finally got round to taking pictures and blogging about it - My first year of Learn Something New Everyday is now done - not quite a month late!  I have actually really enjoyed keeping daily notes, but even though I kept the pages small (4x6) I still struggled with completing 30 of them.  I think if I do take part next year I may have to prep my pages in advance (plus I may actually stick to a theme then!)

I read all the prompts from Shimelle but I did not necessarily follow them in any order, they were just really good to fall back on when I got to the end of the day and thought "did I actually learn anything today?!"

So, a quick round up of weeks 2 and 3... please excuse the rubbish pictures.. it would appear that there was a small person's fingerprint in the middle of my lens which I only noticed when I uploaded all these pictures (taken in the same session, typically!).  Oh well.. the page is still visible, it just has a bit of a funny colour in places!

Day 8 -

Day 9 -

Day 10 -

Day 11 -

Day 12 -

Day 13 -

Day 14 -

Day 15 -

Day 16 -

Day 17 -

Day 18 -

Day 19 -

Day 20 -

Day 21 -

Thank you for sticking with me- a lot of pictures for one post!!

Back soon with the last week (and a bit)

C x

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