Sunday, 25 September 2011

LSNED - Week One

*~*~  Where did September go..?  ~*~*
{perhaps that can be my lesson for today - September is almost finished and I have no idea how that happened!}

I am finally catching up on creating (and now blogging) my lessons for Shimelle's Learn Something New Every Day class.  I have been carrying a little notebook round with me everywhere and I have been recording my thoughts and making notes of what I want to include on my page and am slowly getting pages started and photos printed. 
I decided not to go with a colour scheme or anything that requires me to have the earlier pages with me to co-ordinate and am managing to take a mini scrapping bag to work with me and get pages started during my lunch break at work :)

So... Week One
Cover and title / intro page





 (my little stroppy page..I was feeling a bit cross and upset when I wrote down my lesson - it turned out ok in the end but I thought I would preserve my feeling at the time anyway!)

I am part way through getting week two scrapped so hopefully back soon with some more!

C x

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