Thursday, 1 September 2011

September is here... are you ready to Learn?

* Accountability Post! :-) *

Hi All,

This is just a quick post about a new class I am taking which starts today.. Shimelle's Learn Something New Every Day.  I am hoping that by posting early on that I am joining the class then hopefully I will be more likely to remember to come back every couple of days and post my progress! 
I had such fun with the online crop hosted by Shimelle last month and got loads of layouts done during the week so I have high hopes that I will be able to complete a daily lesson page (although I am on hols for a long weekend next week so it may be a case of "Have Notebook, Will Travel" for a few lessons until I can get back home to scrap!)

I had already decided that if I intended to complete a page each day it would need to be manageable and so I chose 4x6 as I thought it would be relatively simple to prepare the page or use a journalling card (I seem to have acquired most of the range of Pebbles Share and Tell cards over the last few months!) I intend to attach a 4x6 photo to the back if I need a bigger photo than would fit into my "page" but I was starting to worry that it would be too small. 
However, having read Shimelle's Getting Ready prompt I was pleased to realise she would also be preparing a 4x6 page each day so I won't be alone and am feeling much happier about my start now.  I also like the idea of envelopes so I may mix and match my pages, or even use the journalling card and photo back-to-back and make envelopes when I have something extra to include... I am hoping to just let this mini-album "flow" and just bind it all up with ribbons at the end when I see what I have managed to achieve!

Thank you for stopping by and if you are also playing along, hopefully see you in class!

Carrie x