Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Late to the {LSNED} party... as usual!

I joined in with Shimelle's Learn Something New Every Day back in 2011 and I intended to join in again last year but never really got round to it! 

As I am trying to get back into the habit of recording the little things on a more regular basis, I thought I would use LSNED to prompt me... I don't know that I will follow the prompts, I doubt I will manage to create pages right away but what I am hoping is to share something semi-regularly - I may not blog every entry but I am at least going to keep a notebook and take photos and I am also going to try and post the photos on Instagram too.. a lesson all on it's own for me as I've never really used it before!

So, my first few lessons ...
Day 1: 
I need to plan ahead better..
or at least look at next months calendar before the 31st!

I hadn't turned the page to look at September until the 31st when I realised it should have been my turn to cook Sunday dinner for all the family... by which time I really couldn't be bothered to go shopping - but at least it gave us a chance to try the new fish and chip shop!!

Day 2:
He STILL doesn't trust me to do the ironing...!

I had hoped today's lesson would be more along the line of "29 years old and I finally learnt to iron!" but it wasn't to be! I have tried to learn to iron - my Mum tried to teach me, then my sister and even my brother-in-law! 
Not only do I have some strange ironing-disability (the creases just jump in when I'm not looking!) that means that ironing has fallen to Dean for the last 12 years, but no one really trusts me with a hot iron either...
Allow me to explain... I am really clumsy... I mean REALLY clumsy!  I have lost count of how many times I have fallen down the stairs, or tripped over my own feet!  My darling hubby even bought me a plastic beaker at one point because I dropped and broke so many glasses...
So today when I announced that I intended to iron Hannah's uniform, ready for her to go back to school Thursday, he looked slightly panicked!  After much persuading he finally let me loose on one polo shirt while he hovered like a mother hen and then immediately took over to do the rest of it! (and he thinks I didn't notice he re-ironed my one piece!) so looks like I still can't claim this one!

Day 3:
Sometimes heels with PJs are a necessity...
 if not exactly a good look!
The water company have been doing works in the town and somehow managed to cut our mains water off as well by mistake so we had no water when we got up at 6.30 this morning and had to go to my Mum's in a hurry to get showered and ready for work - I didn't see the point in taking two pairs of shoes - but it certainly got a few laughs when I got out the car (although that could just be the Dumbo PJ's!)
Day 4:
Looks like I'm a proper grown up now!

We've always serviced the cars ourselves as and when needed, but my new one is only 4 years old and came with a full history so I spent my lunch break looking at garages for service quotes (after having to actually find the service book!)
Wow - that was a longer post than I planned - but a good start :)  I may yet manage to keep this up!
C x

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