Thursday, 1 December 2011

JYC Time! Christmas Starts Here...!

Just a quick post to say Happy December everyone! My tree is up and I am well on the way to getting the rest of the decs up already as I have a few busy evenings and weekend coming up and wanted to get a jump start on it! I love the excuse to cover the house in pretties and lights! I really can't wait for Christmas as I think Miss Hannah is going to be really into it this year :)

I will be joining in with Shimelles Journal Your Christmas again as I had such fun last year and I want somewhere to record all the little moments of this year too.
I have been flipping through my 2010 album for the last few days as I started thinking about Christmas and I have really enjoyed reading and looking at what I included. I am definitely going to try and prepare a page every day and will probably follow most of the prompts too. We have planned a couple of dedicated JYC Sunday crops during December so I am hoping I won't fall too far behind on the creating front.

I have already decided that I won't even try and blog everyday but I will aim for a once a week roundup and If I managed more it will be a bonus!

Hope you have all had a fabulous 1st of December, whatever you have been up to! X
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